Week of November 2, 2015: The answer is…Bassett Country Club

DSCN3426The Bassett Country Club, 1230 Oak Level Road

The Bassett Country Club was built in 1926. The Club is constructed out of wood and brick and is built on a brick foundation. The architecture of the club is reminiscent of the craftsman style. The craftsman style was popular from 1900 to 1929; it was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. The craftsman style is defined by a low-pitched gabled roof, with wide and unenclosed eave overhang, timber framing, wood shingle siding and/or cut stone, wide window and door casings, exposed rafters, and decorative beams or braces under gables. Craftsman buildings are usually one or two stories.


The portico has exposed rafter column details. The mixture of wood siding with brick on the front façade and stone on the chimney is part of the craftsman style. The roof of the club is a low-pitched gable roof, another feature of the craftsman style. The club is an important part of the community. When the factories were operational they had memberships that allowed the families of workers to use the club.

Currently the Bassett Country Club is closed, but there are plans to utilize the space.

To see buildings from Henry County that have been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, click here.


To learn more about architectural styles:


To learn more about local history visit the Martinsville and Henry County Historical Society web page at http://www.mhchistoricalsociety.com/ and visit the heritage center at the Historic Courthouse, 1 East Main Street.

Be on the lookout for the next architectural treasure clue.


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